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Vol.XXXIX No.2 2018

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Latest Journal's Articles

          Youth Education, Social Cohesion and Conflicts in    

            District Swabi, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan;

                                          2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                           Naveen Khan and Muhammad Zaman                                                                                                Full Text 


            Politics of Water Resource Development in

              Pre-Partition India

                                 2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                          Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti and Muhammad Farooq                                                                              Full Text 


             Social and Economic Change in Multan: 1849-1947

                                 2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                          Fakhar Bilal                                                                                                                                           Full Text 


              Liminality, Sacred Landscape and Spirit Possession: A

                Case Study of Thala Bohrianwala, Bilote Sharif;

                                 2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                          Mushtaq Ahmed Gaadi                                                                                                                      Full Text    

                             Political and Economic Dimensions of Nationalization

               of Industries under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

                                 2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                              Muhammad Abrar Zahoor and Aqeela Asif                                                                                Full Text 

               Sacred Symbols in the Shi’a Tradition: Observance of

                Ta’ziya, Khak-e-Shifa, Jhoola and Zul Jinnahin

                  Chakwal Faiza Iqbal and Ghaniur Rahman

                                 2018, Vol.XXXIX, No.2

                              Faiza Iqbal and Ghaniur Rahman                                                                                                Full Text 


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