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Cultural History of Pakistan : Culinary, Kitchen Cuisine and Khaabay of Lahore
- Author:  Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Nyla Umar Mobarik
- Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 1000/-
- ISBN: 978-969-415-143-4

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Not much has been written on the aspect of cuisine and eating habits in relation to culture and certainly not much about the culinary habits of the Lahore city's denizens. The NIHCR is pleased to publish this interesting book which will open a new avenue for further studies to understand cultural history of Pakistan. This book highlights the cultural history of Lahore, and its interaction with the culinary and eating habits of the city's residents especially of those whose roots lie in the city for generations. Lahore, the capital of Punjab-the country's largest province-is amongst the oldest cities of South Asia with an ancient history and rich cultural traditions. The chief characteristics of Punjabis are that they are basically fun loving and frank people with an endless love for gastronomical delights of the city. Thus, eating is a paramount feature of the city's social life. The city is known for its specific food habits and guests and visitors alike cannot resist trying out the quality and taste of the city's endless culinary delights. Indeed, many visitors and tourists traverse to the city only to enjoy 'Lahori' food. In a lighter vein there is an old adage that asks 'do you eat to live or live to eat?' Well, in case of Lahoris, we can easily surmise the answer that Lahoris 'live and love to eat'.



Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla has served as Dean of the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and the Faculty of Law, Director Pakistan Study Centre, and Director Research  Society of Pakistan and, as Chairman & Professor Department of History and Pakistan Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. Representing Pakistan, he has participated in many international conferences where he has contributed as a guest speaker and presented Papers on a variety of topics. He has been frequently appearing in the national and international electronic, print and social media to give his opinion on the historical developments and the contemporary global issues. As the Chairman of the Department of History and Pakistan Studies and Director Pakistan Study Centre, he organized numerous international conferences, seminars and lectures on different themes and topics related to Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences. His principal area of interest is the History and Politics of Modern South Asia. He has published five books, including the HEC Book of the Year award winner Wave/I and the Dying Days of the Raj (2012). Besides, he has also contributed numerous research articles on various topics to the national and international research journals. He has been Editor/Chief Editor of the Journal of Research Society of Pakistan, Journal of Punjab University Historical Society and Journal of Pakistan Vision.


Dr. Nyla Umar Mobarik, belongs to a renowned family of entrepreneurs in the field of confectionery, catering, and home-furnishing businesses. However, despite her different business preoccupations, her passion for academics and research never waned, and she pursued her M. Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes at the Department of History and Pakistan Studies at the University of the Punjab. She has also written some articles which have been published in internationally recognized journals.


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