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  • Foundation of Pakistan Vol. II

  • Author:  Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada

  • Price: 800/- Rs

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The proceeding of the annual and special sessions of the All India Muslim League and its Council show how, through a variety of circumstances and vicissitudes, the Muslims of the subcontinent struggled for the establishment of Pakistan under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The documents covering them were published in the two volumes and in this sense the documents are on and about the Foundations of Pakistan and were given the same title. The foundations of Pakistan (Volume I, II and III) were well received by the scholars, national and international, about the Pakistan Movement, and extracts therefrom were quoted by the British, Pakistani, Indian, American and even Soviet authors in their works and writings. References therefrom are found, among others, in Stanely Wolpertís Jinnah of Pakistan, M.J. Akbarís Nehru, Ayesha Jalalís The Sole Spokeman, David Pageís Prelude to Partition, K.K. Azizís History of the Idea of Pakistan and Lal Bahadurís Struggle for Pakistan. The two volumes of Foundations of Pakistan were out of print and there was great demand for their reprint. The said volumes, however, did not include the proceedings of the Working Committee of the Muslim League and hence the third volume was being published. It was thought fit to include in the third volume the Address and Memorials presented by or on behalf of the Muslim League to the British Government and other relevant material. The famous Address presented to Lord Minto by the Muslim Deputation at Simla on October 1, 1906, and his Reply, Maulana Shibliís speech on separate electorates in 1909 and the historic Fourteen Points of Mr. M. A. Jinnah and the working Committee of the Muslim League on the partition of the subcontinent adopted on 15th February, 1940 and the other important documents have also been incorporated.
Keeping in view their great demand these volumes are being published with some new additions.


SYED SHARIFUDDIN PIRZADA, Bar-at-law, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan. Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Foreign Affairs, Law Justice and Human Rights. Honorary Secretary to the Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah, 1941-1944, Secretary Bombay City Muslim League 1945-1947, In charge of Publicity Champaign of the Bombay Muslim League during the General Elections in 1946; Managing Editor, Morning Herald (English Daily of Bombay, 1947). Participated in Pakistan Movement in various capacities.

Adviser to the Constitution Commission of Pakistan, 1961; Chairman, Company Law Commission 1962; President Karachi High Court Bar Association, 1964; President International Law Association, Pakistan Branch, 1964-67; Ex-Attorney General of Pakistan, Minister of Law (1979-84); Foreign Minister of Pakistan 1966-68, President Afro-Asian Legal Consultative Committee, 1969; represented Pakistan in the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference in 1966 and the commonwealth Law Ministers and Attorneys General Conference 1971; represented Pakistan in International forum and before International Tribunals appeared for Pakistan in Runn of Kutch Case, and in Pakistanís complaint against India in the matter of over flights; Counsel in the Reference regarding Nanibia before the International Court of Justice; Member United Nations Sub commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities since 1972 and its chairman, 1968; led Pakistan Delegation to the Law of the Sea Conferences held in New York in 1978,1979 and in Geneva in 1980. Chairman, Investigation and working Group of Complaints of the Sub-Commission, 1978-79; Member International Law Commission (1981-1986). He moved the Resolution about the status of Jerusalem which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 3rd July, 1967. Chairman, Expert Group for drafting statute of Islamic International Court of Justice. Secretary General, Organization of Islamic Conference (1985-1988).

Received High Awards from France, Jordon, Syria, West Germany, and South Korea.

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