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  • London Muslim League (1908-1928) An Historical Study

  • Author:  M. Yusuf Abbasi

  • Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 1500/-

  • Price in US Dollar: $35.00

  • ISBN: 969-415-008-6

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The London Muslim League emerged as an
articulate lobby of the All India Muslim League in London, and played a crucial role in shaping Muslim policies at home. The League was architect of separate Muslim representation. When it came to converting Mmto's pledge into a Statute of Parliament, Morley's and Minto's perceptions of separate Muslim representation converged on the Joint Electorates scheme favoured by the Indian National Congress. Thanks to persistent opposition of the London Muslim League, Morley and Minto were prevented from nullifying Muslim demand through political subterfuges.


As an upholder of human freedom the League deplored the ruthless exploitation and persecution of Indians in South Africa and British East Africa. Syed Ameer Ali, president of the London Muslim League, despatched many medical missions to Tripoli (Libya) and the Balkans to alleviate the sufferings of war-worn Turks and Arabs. The Russian intervention in Iran evoked a sharp protest from the League. Similarly it stood forth as the bold champion of Turkish territorial integrity and independence. The League's Pan-Islamism was not a distant dream but a highly pragmatic expression of Muslim fraternity.


Meticulously documented, written in lucid style and crisp prose, this analytical expose is the first book ever on this subject. In its broad sweep the work encompasses some of the unchartered expanses in the history of Muslim Nationalism.



Muhammad Yusuf Abbasi was born on
4 September 1921 in Gujranwala. He got M.A. and PhD. degrees in History from the Punjab University, Lahore and began his career as a college Lecturer-in-History. In 1949 he joined the teaching staff of the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul and from 1962 to 1968 taught in Nigeria. In 1974, he retired as the Head of Modem Subjects
Department and Lt. Col. of the Army Education Corps, and became Associate Professor and Head of the Department of History of the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Later he worked as Professor of History and Chairman of Department of History and Pakistan Studies at Islamia University, Bahawalpur.At present he is a
Post-Doctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, Islamabad.

His major publications include Muslim Politics and Leadership in South Asia 1876-1892, Islamabad, 1981, and Urdu translations of Harold Lamb's Flame of Islam (as Sultan Salah-ud-Oin ), Pearl Buck's East Wind and West Wind (as Naey Puraney ) and Balzac'S novellette The Mamas (as La Marina). Recently, his English translation of Imam Nawawi's Arbaeen. has been published (as Forty Gems.

His other publications include Syed Ameer Ali - A Political Biography and Pakistani Culture: A Historical Perspective.







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