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  • Muslim Response to the West: Muslim Historiography in India 1857 - 1914

  • Author:  Muhammad Aslam Syed

  • Price: 600/- Rs

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The Professor Syed's book offers new insights into the intellectual controversy that was initiated by the British in the second half of the nineteenth century in India over the role of Islam in history. It highlights not only this new challenge from the West but also analyses the Muslim response to the British polemics.

The purpose of this study is threefold: Firstly, it deals with the magnitude of the intellectual and political challenge that the Muslims faced in the wake of their political misfortunes. Secondly, it unfolds the various ways in which Muslims came to terms with this new situation. And finally, having come to an understanding about the methods and motives of the various writers, it explains their impact on the questions of revival and reassertion of Islam as an intellectual and political force in the later Muslim movements in South Asia.


Professor Aslam Syed received his education at Punjab University, Lahore and Columbia University, New York. He was Professor of History at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Hawaii University and Harvard University; Free University, Berlin, and many other institutions of higher learning in Europe and United States. He was awarded Mercator Professorship by Humboldt University, Berlin. He has also been a fellow of International Consortium of Humanities at Bochum University.

His other publications include:
Muslimische Philanthropie und Burgerscaftliches (Muslim Philanthropy and Civic Engagement) Berlin: Maecenata Verlag; Islam: Enduring Myths and Changing Realities, Philadelphia: The American Academy of Social Sciences; Islam and Democracy in Pakistan, National Institute of Historical & Cultural Research, Islamabad.

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