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  • Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan: A Political Biography

  • Author:  Javed Haider Syed

  • Price: 1000/- PKR

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This work exposes some fundamental issues of locale of Pothohar, ethnic formation of region, emergence of local leadership and its integration with the All India Muslim League through the study of the personality and contribution of Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan (15 July 1895-17April 1963 ). In this way, it is a fundamental contribution to the understanding of the History of Pakistan. The author has explored not only Raja's personal papers and correspondence, rather has looked into published and unpublished Jinnah Papers, Muslim League Records and Documents, Assemblies' debates, Raja's contemporaries' memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, Raja's own biographies and contemporary newspaper's reports and columns to understand the nature of leadership in Pothohar region and place of Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan in the phenomena. The strength to the narrative has been provided through the adoption of method of Oral History. Learning through the local verbal tradition of the family, supported by the long list of Raja's contemporaries' interviews, the work literally opens the way and method how to understand local history and hierarchy of leadership at regional and local level and how to understand the levels of hierarchical integration of these regional and local leaderships and issues with different higher spatial, temporal and individual positions in South Asia and especially post-independence Pakistan? The judicious use of available sources has strengthened the account thus tying it with the national narrative.


Javed Haider Syed post-graduated from University of the Punjab with thesis on The Pakistan Republican Party. Then earned MPhil and PhD Degrees from the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad. Started his academic career from the University of Punjab in 1972. Joined the QAU in 1974. Remained associated with the QAU; University of Balochistan and the NIHCR in different research and teaching positions. Final position held was as Professor and Chairman Department of History & Pakistan Studies, University of Gujrat. Has supervised three PhDs and about 30 MPhil theses in Quaid-i-Azam University; International Islamic University, Islamabad and Gujrat University. His research interests include Balochistan History, Culture and Politics, Regional History of the Punjab, Sindh, Colonial South Asia, Sufism, Mughal history, History of Iran and Freedom Movement.

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