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Iqbal and Modern Muslim Society


Author: M. Ashraf Choudhri


Price in Pak Rupees: 300/-


ISBN: 969-415-075-2

Order @: salesbook@nihcr.edu.pk

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The book broadly surveys the social thought of the Greek, medieval and modern social philosophers and identifies the common feature of an ideal society with those of the Muslim ideal society established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at Medina.


In that context it endeavours to analyze Iqbal's thesis of human Ego being the most vital and enduring unit of social structure that could possibly help rejuvenate stagnant contemporary Muslim societies. Consequently, education and development of Ego is seen to play a pivotal role in laying the foundation on which an ideal Muslim society with updated classical Muslim institutions through Ijtehad could possible be eracted.

M. Ashraf Choudhri is a retired Brigadier who has been a visiting professor at the Quaid-i-Azam University, SZABIST and a Consultant at the Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. He holds Masters degrees in Political Science and International Relations and a Ph.D. in Philosophy with special focus on the philosophy of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.


Born at Ludhiana (India) in 1930, he joined Pakistan Army in 1950 and retired as a Brigadier in 1982. He has served as Defence and Army Attache in the Embassy of Pakistan, USA and as a Joint Secretary in the Federal Government.


He is author of The Muslim Ummah and Iqbal (also translated in Urdu), Pakistan Movement and Iqbal,  and Iqbal Kay Hamrah(Urdu) that won the National Book Foundation Presidential Award for the year 2001-2.


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