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Friends Indeed Review & Reference on Pakistan-OIC Relations


Author:  Sa'ad S. Khan


Price in Pak Rupees: Rs.300


ISBN: 969-415-068-10

Order @: salesbook@nihcr.edu.pk

Up to 50% discount...

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This is a compilation of all the important documents relating to Pakistan-OIC relations. These documents are given in two parts in the shape of Islamic Conference on Foreign Ministers and Islamic Summit Declarations. The author has analytically reviewed the nature of Pakistan-OIC relations in his Preface to the book. It has been emphasized that Pakistan, since its inception, has been working for developing close relations with the Muslim world. Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Ex-Secretary-General, OIC in his Foreword to the book has traced the emergence of Pakistan as a separate Muslim State in the background of its affiliation with Islamic Commonwealth of Nations duly documented from the British Records. It was on his suggestion that Putrajaya Declaration dated 17 October 2003 was included as an important document along with other Appendices and Annexure including the Charter of the OIC. This book provides a deep insight to Pakistan-OIC relations and is expected to augur well on the future of Ole.


Sa'ad S. Khan is basically a Civil Service of Pakistan Officer in the elite DMG group. He has served in various capacities like Assistant Commissioner, District Officer (Planning & Finance), Executive District Officer (Revenue) and finally as the Director (Crimes and Intelligence). Presently, he is serving as Deputy Secretary - General in the Government of Balochistan.

He is a freelance researcher and analyst on the issues related to Politics, Governance, Law and Foreign Policy of the Muslim World. His book Reasserting International Islam has been published by the Oxford University Press. He has a number of papers published in research journals. His columns on politics with special focus on human rights appear in 18 papers worldwide including Dawn, Statesman, Independent, Tehran Times, Bangladesh Observer, Diplomatic Traffic and many others.

He has presented papers at International Conferences in Pakistan, India, Germany, Italy, and the Cornell University (USA) among others.


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