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  • Historical Forts in Pakistan

  • Author:  Shaikh Khurshid Hasan

  • Price in Pak Rupees: Rs.1000/-

  • ISBN: 969-415-069-8

Order @: salesbook@nihcr.edu.pk

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Forts, once preserved the kingdoms and nowadays the knowledge about these forts can play a decisive role in guarding the frontiers of the history of Pakistan. As a matter of fact, the study of forts is very significant in historical research work. Hence, to understand the past of Pakistan, historical forts are unavoidable sources of research. But there exists paucity of integrated information regarding the forts built on the soil of Pakistan in different ages. Some of these forts are still existing in good condition and the rest are either ruined or existing in a very precarious condition.

Shaikh Khurshid Hasan's book is the product of his many years' efforts comprising exodus material and photographs collection in the farflung areas of Pakistan. Nevertheless, his prolonged and careful study and research efforts has resulted into a presentable work which shall be useful for the students, teachers and scholars of the relevant field. It is also hoped that the book shall pave the way for further research as well as knowledge seeking activities regarding the historical forts in Pakistan.


Shaikh Khurshid Hasan, besides being former Director General, Federal Department of Archaeology, is an archaeologist of international repute. With more than 35 year's service in the Federal Department of Archaeology, his contribution has been varied and multifaceted in the fields of archaeological research, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage and development of museums.

Mr. Hasan's field of specialization is Islamic Art and Architecture. Hence, he not only studied the Muslim monuments of Pakistan but also the same of several other Muslim countries. He has contributed many research articles on different aspects of the architectural heritage of Pakistan. His recent publications are: Chaukhandi Tombs in Pakistan, Architectural Heritage of Pakistan and Funerary Monitorial Architecture.


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