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Vol.XXXIX No.2 2018

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Aim and Scope

     Aim and Scope



  To assess and examine the needs and requirements of
research in the history and culture of the Muslims of South
Asia, Muslim Freedom Movement and the Islamic State of

  to identify areas or aspects in these fields and conduct

research thereon;

  to coordinate research programmes of various universities and

other research bodies in and outside Pakistan and cooperate with

the activities and scholarly pursuits of all official

and nonofficialinstitution engaged in this field;


to seek, acquire and preserve source material

(private papers,newspapers, rare books, documents and

pamphlets, etc.) relevant to the above fields;


 to arrange interviews with important persons who

can recall significant incidents relating to the fields mentioned

above and to preserve a record of such conversations for current

 and further use by historians and scholars;


  to publish biannual Journals of high academic quality;


to sponsor and commission scholarly works by persona not

on the staff of the Institute;

  to reprint (with necessary editorial annotations) major

and minorclassics relating to the fields mentioned above which are

now completely unavailable or are very scarce;

  to make provision for research and advisory services and with

these objectives enter into agreements with other institutions or
with public bodies under prescribed conditions;

  to devise and adopt ways and means to further the objectives of

the Institute as a body responsible for research in the history

and culture of Pakistan;

   to cooperate with international research organizations, and

study Pakistan in wider context of its neighbouring countries.  



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