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Pakistan: Its Ancient Hindu Temples and Shrines
- Author:  Shaikh Khurshid Hasan
- Price: Rs.600/-
- ISBN: 978-969-415-081-9

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It has given me great pleasure to read through the manuscript on Ancient Hindu Temples and Shrines in Pakistan by Shaikh Khurshid Hasan who has taken advantage of his long association with the Department of Archaeology, Government of Pakistan. His presentation is remarkable and I hope that the book will create interest among scholars who have love for the manuments in Pakistan. I am sure the present book will be of great use to all those scholars who like to know more and more about the ancient monuments in Pakistan.
The present book presents a deep survey of the Hindu monuments and I am sure this will be of great use to all the scholars and students who like to know more about the monuments in Pakistan. The survey is thorough and the presentation is scholarly. It will certainly be of great use to all the students of ancient period.
I congratulate the author for collecting all the material and present it in a useful manner for the use of Students and all the scholars. The association of Mr.Khurshid hasan with the Department has enabled him to collect all the data and present for the use of one and all.
I hope the book will be of great use to all those who have interest in the subject. I congratulate the author for writing this book.


Shaikh Khurshid Hasan, besides being former Director General, Federal Department of Archaeology, is an archaeologist of international repute. With more than 35 year's service in the Federal Department of Archaeology, his contribution has been varied and multifaceted in the fields of archaeological research, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage and development of museums.
Mr. Hasan's field of specialization is Islamic Art and Architecture. Hence, he not only studied the Muslim monuments of Pakistan but also those of several other Muslim countries. He has contributed many research articles on different aspects of the architectural heritage of Pakistan. His recent publications are: Chaukhandi Tombs in Pakistan, Architecture, Historical Forts in Pakistan. He is the co-author of the book, Mohenjodaro: A 5000 Years Old Legacy,published by UNESCO in 1980.
Moreover, Sheikh Khurshid Hasan has served as a UNESCO Consultant in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is also associated with the Mazar-i-Qauid-i-Azam Management Board as an Honorary Archaeological Advisor.
Mr.Hasan is a Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society, London and fellow of Pakistan Historical Society, Karachi he is also life member of the Institute of the Central and West Asian Studies, University of Karachi. In recognition of his outstandin contribution in the field of Archaeology, the Govt. of Italy has conferred upon him the Knight of Order of Merit of the Italian Rupublic in 1993.


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